Northeast Nigeria, IPC Acute Malnutrition Analysis (September 2019 – April 2020)




How Severe, How Many and When – Of the 10 domains included in the IPC Acute Malnutrition analysis, 4 domains are classified in IPC Phase 3 (Serious) acute malnutrition while the other 6 domains are in IPC Phase 2 (Alert). The situation is expected to get worse in 3 domains and a total of 7 domains are expected to reach IPC Phase 3 (Serious) acute malnutrition by April 2020. Major disparities exist in some of the domains where some Local Government Areas are more affected by acute malnutrition than others. A total of 921,618 children aged 6-59 months are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition during the course of 2020.

Where – According to the IPC AMN classification, the Northern, Central, and Southern domains of Yobe State, as well as the Eastern domain in Borno State, are classified in IPC Phase 3 (Serious). Both domains in the Adamawa State (Southern and Northern), 3 domains in Borno State (Southern, Central, Northern), in addition to MMC/Jere, are classified as being in IPC Phase 2 (Alert). Acute malnutrition levels in Borno State’s Northern, Central, and Southern domains are expected to deteriorate further during the projection period of JanuaryApril 2020.

Why – The major contributing factors of acute malnutrition in all the analysed domains include very poor food consumption (both quantity and quality) and the high prevalence of diarrhoea and malaria among the targeted populations. Other factors include insecurity, which has displaced many people and prevented the delivery of and access to humanitarian aid.

The major contributing factor in the projected period is the expected further deteriorating security situation, decreased food accessibility, possible outbreaks of measles and high incidences of Acute Respiratory Infections.