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Northeast Nigeria Humanitarian Response - COVID-19 Response: Health Sector Bulletin - December 2021


Highlights – COVID-19 Vaccination So Far


A total of 42,217 persons (comprising of Male - 26,156 and Female - 16,061) have so far been vaccinated with the Moderna 1st doses of which 22,218 persons (Male - 13,756 and Female - 8,462) have so far received the second dose thus accounts for 52.63% Fully Vaccinated with Moderna Vaccines. On Adverse Effect Following Immunization on Moderna vaccines, 86 non serious cases of AEFIs were reported (44 during 1st dose and 42 during the 2nd dose vaccination) across 9 LGAs (Askira Uba-5, Biu-12, Chibok-1, Gwoza-7, Jere-6, Maiduguri-8, Mobbar-28, Monguno-16 and Shani3) as at day today for the Moderna 1st and 2nd dose vaccination. With respect to the Moderna Booster Dose, a total of 32 persons have so far been vaccinated with it, while for Pfizer Booster Dose only 11 persons have received the vaccine. For AstraZeneca vaccination, 11,298 persons (Male - 7,087 and Female - 4,211) have received the second doses from the total 47,523 persons (Male - 29,876 and Female - 17,647) that have received / receiving the 1st dose of the vaccine during this current phase. In addition, 49 non-serious AEFI with AstraZeneca vaccine were also reported from Maiduguri-5, Biu-4, Chibok-1, Damboa-3, Jere-3, Mobbar-32, Nganzai-1 LGAs respectively (29 during 1st phase and 20 AEFIs during the 2nd/3rd phase vaccine administration). Also recall that during the 1st phase vaccination, a total of 40,438 came for 1st dose and 23,763 came for 2nd dose. Therefore, the cumulative 1st dose AstraZeneca is (40,438 + 47,523 = 87,961 persons) and cumulative 2nd dose is (23,763 + 11,298 = 35,061 persons) which thus account for 39.86% Fully vaccinated with AstraZeneca Vaccines.


Moderna: From 24th August 2021 to 12 Jan 2022, a total of 31,263 people had received 1st dose of the Moderna vaccine. Of this number 13,657 were Females and 17,606 were Males. While 18,295 people received 2nd dose of Moderna vaccine representing 59% coverage of the 1st dose. These include 8,950 females and 9,345 Males. AstraZeneca: From March 2021 to 12 Jan 2022, A total of 90,785 people received 1st dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine (33,037 Females, & 57,748 Males), while 40,697 people had received 2nd dose of AstraZeneca vaccine representing 20% coverage of 1st dose.
Of the doses received, 15,868 were Female and 24,829 Males. Pfizer: A total of 1,460 had received 1st dose, comprised 1049 Males and 411 Females, and only 9 people received 2nd dose (6 Males and & Females).


During the Mass Vaccination of AstraZeneca, for the 1st phase of AstraZeneca Vaccination, a total of 39,872 came for the 1st dose vaccination and 28,689 came for the second dose vaccination, while during the 2nd phase of AstraZeneca vaccination, a total of 20,793 came for the 1st dose vaccination and 12,446 came for the 2nd dose vaccination, and during the 3rd phase, 67,623 came for the 1st dose vaccination and 6,209 came for the 2nd dose vaccination. A total of 128 non-serious AEFI were reported across 10 LGAs (Fufore-8; Hong-73; Lamurde-1; Mayo-Belwa-2; Michika-6; Mubi South-2; Numan-6; Shelleng-3; Toungo-11; and Yola North-16) of the AstraZeneca 1st dose vaccination and during the 2nd dose 65 non-serious AEFI were reported from 9 LGAs (Guyuk-3; Hong-2; Lamurde-6; Mayo-Belwa-12; Michika-19; Mubi South-1; Numan-3; Yola North-14; and Yola South-5). During the Phase 2 Moderna Vaccination a total of 33,186 came for the 1st dose vaccination and 28,946 came for the 2nd dose vaccination and during phase 3, 1st dose 21,469 came for the 1st dose and 1,747 came for the 2nd dose vaccination and 69 came for the booster vaccination. A total of 148 nonserious AEFI were reported across 15 LGAs (Demsa-4; Fufore-1; Ganye-6; Gombi-15; Hong-17; Jada9; Maiha-3; Mayo-Belwa-38; Michika-10; Mubi North-12; Mubi South-1; Numan-2; Shelleng-3; Yola North-4; and Yola South-23) of the Moderna 1st dose vaccination and During the 2nd dose 32 nonserious AEFI were reported from 4 LGAs (Michika-9; Mubi South-10; Numan-4; and Yola North-9).
During the booster vaccination 5 Non-AEFI were reported from Michika-2 and Yola South-3.