Northeast Nigeria - Camp Management Bi-weekly Tracker Report, Report: No. 12 | 16 - 30 April 2020

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In this reporting period, over 1,200 households were affected by a massive fire outbreak in the International School (IS) camp in Ngala LGA. The fire also led to the loss of 17 lives from the IDP community and damage to household materials. Partners reported on continuous tension from the IDP community in the camp since the massive fire outbreak. This has hampered service delivery, including the provision of emergency shelter and Non-Food Items (NFI) to the victims, and to the most vulnerable population. Under Presidential directive, a high-level delegation team comprising of the Borno state government, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), State Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and North East Development Commission (NEDC) representatives, with support of the humanitarian community is scheduled for a mission to engage with the community and their leaders to find an amicable solution to the standoff.

Preparedness and response planning on the COVID-19 pandemic is greatly prioritized in the Northeast Nigeria response, and some main CCCM activities include piloting an awareness survey on COVID-19 prevention and responses, containment methods and referral pathways. Improvement of the reception capacities in the Borno and the border entry points continues with the construction of quarantine safe spaces in Pulka, Gwoza and Banki while several other locations await provision of land by local authorities. Due to the travel restrictions as a result of the state government lockdown directive, the CCCM, Shelter and NFI response continues uninterrupted through remote management by community volunteers to ensure continuity.

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