North East Nigeria Education in Emergencies Working Group Newsletter - Issue 2, June 2021


EiEWG Coordination

The Coordination structure in the second quarter of 2021 has improved, especially due to the active and effective role played by EiEWG State focal Points in Yobe and Adamawa States. EiEWG meetings are now organized at State level with the State Ministries of Education and SUBEBs playing an active role. These meeting are now state centered: needs are deeply analyzed, and responses planned at state level with support from the national level (only when needed).
Save the Children has finalized the recruitment of the Colead for the Education Sector. This was necessary since the immediate past Co-Lead, BADAR MUSA, was assigned to a national position in Abuja. To avoid a gap, SCI appointed a temporal emergency personnel for three months allowing them to finalize the recruitment of a more permanent Staff.
Fareeda Hussain Mamand has recently been deployed as Education in Emergency Working Group Coordinator Co-Lead based in Maiduguri hosted by Save the Children International organization.