North-East Nigera: Flash Update - Fire at Muna Garage el-Badawe IDP Camp, Jere LGA, Borno State (As of 26 May 2020)

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  • A fire broke out in Muna Garage el-Badawe IDP camp, in the outskirts of Maiduguri, on 23 May.

  • Two IDPs died in the fire, an adult and a child, and several others were injured.

  • 1,613 makeshift shelters burned down, affecting 1,613 households.

  • Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) was activated to mobilize immediate support including food, NFIs and shelters for the affected families.


There was a fire incident on Saturday 23 May 2020 in Muna Garage el-Badawe IDP camp. The fire started during an evening windstorm at around 5.00 p.m. and lasted for about one hour. The fire started when a windstorm blew sparks from a fire where an internally displaced person was cooking onto a makeshift shelter that caught ablaze Two tanks of the Borno State fire service arrived at the scene and helped put out the fire.

According to data collected by the Borno State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), with the support of a team of IOM community volunteers, the fire razed down makeshift shelters of 1,613 households affecting 1,613 households. Two people died in the fire, an adult and a child. One block of IOM latrines and a borehole structure were also partially damaged. An unknown number of animals also got burned.


Shelter, food, non-food items and clothes were identified as the immediate needs, until further assessment can be conducted.


On 25 May, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) delivered food items, mats, blankets and mattresses to the affected households. NEMA also provided shelter material including cement, metal/zinc sheets, wood, and nails to reconstruct shelters for all the affected households. CIDAR, a national NGO, in collaboration with UNICEF will provide hygiene kits including buckets, jerrycans and soap. LoC-DiN, also a national NGO, has offered to provide some clothes.

The key gap yet to be addressed is the provision of kitchen utensils, such as cooking pots, pans, spoons, cups and plates as well as additional clothes.

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