Nigerian Conflict - Armed Conflict in the Northeast - Situation Report #24 | 4 - 10 February 2017



  • WHO supported 24 Mobile Hard to Reach Teams (H2R) are providing integrated PHC services in 23 LGAs across Borno State. During the reporting week consultations for minor ailments by the teams was 4,222 with 76 referrals. 7,721 children immunized with polio vaccine and 3,185 received Vitamin A supplementation.
  • The work in progress on the State Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) with renovation and rehabilitation work started after approval from the Governor of the Borno State. A steering committee chaired by the Permanent Secretary (PS) of Borno State MoH is in place to oversee the EOC expanded responsibilities besides polio in public health.
  • The WHO’s Logistic team in collaboration with UNICEF logistic team is supporting the State MoH for stock inventory in the state Central Medical Stores (CMS) warehouses and immediate distribution plans.
  • The Cholera Preparedness Plan is in progress with participation from State MoH and Health Sector Partners under a Working Group arrangement of the Health Sector.
  • The HeRAMS assessment has been approved by the steering committee which compiled information among 749 health facilities in Borno State. Only 30% of the health facilities were not damaged while 29% were partially damaged. Furthermore, 59% are fully functional and 32% were non-functional.