Nigeria: Yellow Fever Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRNG03 Update n° 1


Summary of major revisions made to Emergency Plan of Action:

This Operation Update seeks a 2 month no-cost timeframe extension (new end date: 30 April 2021). This is to allow efficient completion of activities outlined on the EPoA and ensure effective delivery of operational objectives which were delayed as a result of delayed transfer of funds to the National Society - first tranche of funds was received on 23 December 2020, whereas the office had already closed due to COVID-19 cases and for end of year holidays. Branch engagement and implementation however effective commenced in January 2021.
As at the time of this update, the following activities have been carried out by the Nigerian Red Cross Society volunteers, some of which are still ongoing:
• Security risk assessment
• Virtual training of State teams and National Disaster Response Team members
• Step down training of community-based volunteers at divisional level
• Door-to-door Health education and mass awareness
• Social mobilization of eligible persons for Yellow Fever mass vaccination campaigns
• Active case search and referrals
• Psychosocial support services to survivors and families of affected by Yellow Fever
• Vector Control activities
o Distribution of mosquito repellent to most vulnerable households
o Community clean up campaigns and destruction of mosquito breeding spaces

The remaining activities to conclude include vector control and awareness of mode of transmission and prevention which are both on-going and should be concluded in end of March 2021). Lastly, the lessons learnt workshop is scheduled to take place in early April 2021. Overall timeframe for this operation is now 5 months.