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Nigeria Situation: UNHCR Regional Update No. 20 (1 - 31 January 2016)

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  • Attacks have continued to take place in Nigeria’s north-east, albeit far less frequently during reporting period. The country continues to face a severe protection crisis as insurgency and counter-insurgency measures result in chronic insecurity and human rights violations, which exacerbate the plight of the most vulnerable populations.

  • The number of attacks in Niger’s Diffa region has decreased in the past month as a result of ongoing air strikes by the Niger military on insurgent positions and the joint efforts of the Nigerian, Chadian and Niger Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) forces. Despite improving, the situation remains tense and sporadic attacks take place in the form of incursions from Nigeria.

  • Cameroon’s Far North region has been the stage of over twenty insurgent attacks resulting in some 100 deaths during the month. In order to improve security at the Minawao camp, UNHCR and local authorities are working to increase the number of police staff and to reinforce the vigilante committee’s capacity.

  • In Chad, local authorities have reported an improvement in the security situation. In light of this, and of a 50 percent decrease in the number of refugees registered in the region, following biometric registration, the relocation exercise from existing camps has been postponed.