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Nigeria Situation: UNHCR Regional Update No. 14 (18 July - 17 August 2015)



  • The security situation in Nigeria has been steadily deteriorating in the past weeks. Hundreds of deaths have resulted from attacks that took place after a brief respite during the elections. Conditions in IDP sites are rapidly becoming dire, with urgent needs unmet in the WASH, education, health and shelter sectors.

  • With the departure of Chadian and Niger troops from north-eastern Nigeria, owing to seasonal rains, Niger’s Diffa region in the southeast of the country, especially near the border with Nigeria, has become more exposed to risk of insurgent attacks. Against this backdrop, multiple incidents have taken place and triggered new waves of forced displacement into Niger.

  • In Cameroon, the security situation in the Far North has sharply deteriorated during the reporting period. Insurgents persistently launch assaults on Cameroonian soil especially in the Mayo Sava and Logone et Chari Departments, in search of sustenance and logistical resources, such as vehicles, to facilitate their mobility.

  • There have been multiple insurgent attacks and communal tensions on Lake Chad in the past month. Thousands of people have been forced to flee from villages on Lake Chad’s islands towards the mainland. Those affected have been regrouping in various locations on the coast and further inland.