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Nigeria Situation Emergency Response January - December 2015, Supplementary Appeal 2015



The latest developments in Nigeria do not show any sign of improvement of the situation in the north‐east of the country. There is an urgent need for focused responses ‐ to internally displaced people (IDPs) in Nigeria and to refugees in neighbouring countries ‐ in the most critical sectors of protection, including physical protection and protection from refoulement, emergency food, water and sanitation, shelter, and health/nutrition services. Additional essential services, such as education and community empowerment, will also be pursued after the most immediate needs have been attended to with the aim of restoring dignity and promoting self‐sufficiency. This appeal, therefore, presents UNHCR’s financial requirements in order to respond to immediate needs of Nigerian refugees in Cameroon, Chad and Niger, as well as for IDPs in Nigeria. Returnees in Niger are also included in this appeal.

UNHCR is coordinating a second Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) for the Nigerian refugee emergency in Chad, Cameroon and Niger for January to December 2015, in cooperation with its partners. The present appeal will be included in the RRRP for 2015. The initial RRRP was launched in September 2014 and covered needs until December 2014. Due to the worsening humanitarian situation, it is necessary to appeal for additional 2015 financial requirements.

The terror campaign by insurgents in Nigeria has increased significantly in recent months, extending across borders into neighbouring countries. In 2015 alone, the violence has already led to the flight of 19,000 people, and it is expected that ongoing insecurity will continue to result in fresh displacement.