Nigeria: Shelter DMS/CCCM Monthly Factsheet - July 2021


Month overview

The reporting month of July 2021 experienced an increase in movement (19,181 individuals IND) compared to June (8,248 IND) resulting from the security situation's instability and natural disaster like floods in Northeast Nigeria. The sector recorded Arrivals 11,886 IND and Departures 7,295 IND of the population across Bay State. The highest arrival was in Hong with 3,455 IND, and Gombi LGA recorded the second highest number of arrivals with 1,295 IND in Adamawa.

During this reporting period, sector partners provided lifesaving assistance to the vulnerable population in locations across Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe States. However, the increased shelter and NFI damages incurred in this reporting period due to flooding and heavy rains will exacerbate affected person's vulnerabilities in the Northeast during the rainy season.

In July 2021, the number of damaged shelters increased due to either exceeding their lifespan (emergency/transitional shelters) or due to the effects of heavy storms recorded within the reporting period.

The sector will continue to advocate for partners to construct shelters or distribute shelter materials and non-food items to close the gaps identified through providing lifesaving and sustaining assistance to the people in need.