Nigeria: Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Monthly Update - August 2017

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The insurgency continues in NE Nigeria with a change in tactics that are seeing an increase in the BH using young girls as suicide bombers. It is reported that 145 girls have been used as suicide bombers in a period of 7 months with the recent months recording the higher numbers. Security and Protection monitoring indicates that BH is also attacking Camps and in some cases abducting people including women and children.

Some women and girls who walk outside of protected security zones, including IDP camps, in search of firewood have been known to be targeted by BH insurgents, with some of them either being killed, abducted or reported missing with their families having not heard from them. This trend is not being helped by the fact that it is a rainy season making the need for firewood greater than usual and the availability of firewood much less. In a bid to address this problem, UNHCR responded to the most vulnerable families targeting the returnee areas and provided charcoal and energy saving stoves. In addition to this relief response, UNHCR in collaboration with FAO, plans to conduct a joint Energy and Environment Assessment which aims to identify sustainable energy solutions for IDPs that may include the introduction of clean energy options such as biogas, briquettes and solar energy.