Nigeria – Nigeria – Measles outbreak (DG ECHO, WHO, NCDC, NGOs) (ECHO Daily Flash of 16 May 2019)

Since the beginning of 2019, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control has reported more than 22,000 suspected cases of measles, more than half in conflict-affected Borno State (13,753 suspected cases and 72 deaths), including in 37 internally displaced persons (IDP) camps 11 Local Governmental Areas (LGAs).

Despite a first reactive measles vaccination campaign undertaken in February in most at-risk areas in Borno State, the trend is increasing and a second reactive vaccination campaign is scheduled to start this week, targeting 850,000 children aged six months to six years across 13 LGAs.

Lower immunisation rates, overcrowding conditions in IDP settlements and host communities and overstretched health services are contributing to this outbreak. At least 40% of IDP camps in northern Borno are severely overcrowded, with some camps providing only two square meters per person, twenty times lower than the minimum emergency standard, significantly increasing the risk of epidemics and infectious diseases. Additional space is critically required to accommodate 90,000 people to ensure safe and healthy leaving conditions.