Nigeria: Inter-Agency Logistics Base in Maiduguri, December 2017



In response to the need for augmented warehouse capacity in Borno State, the Logistics Sector worked with Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI) to explore options for an inter-agency storage facility and cargo consolidation base in Maiduguri, to facilitate the movement of relief cargo to the affected population.
A suitable site was jointly identified in October 2016. A Field Level Agreement between WFP and PUI was signed on 24 November 2016 for an initial period of six months and was then extended until end of December 2017, in order for PUI to manage the site on behalf of the Logistics Sector.
After some initial rehabilitation work, the facility became operational on 14 December 2016.

Inter-Agency Logistics Base

• The Inter-Agency Logistics Base is located in Bolori II on Baga Road, opposite the WFP warehouse complex. The land and storage facilities are being rented from a private owner.

• The concrete warehouse has a size of 72m x 22m, approximately 1500 m² / 4500 m3 . Two Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) were erected in the first week of February to further increase the storage space to 2,140 m2 .

• Furthermore, a timber shed (170 m2 ), a dedicated temperature-controlled storage area (150 m2 ) and a kitting area (675 m2 ) have been established.
Currently, discussions are ongoing with regard to the potential expansion of the site.

• The facility is currently used by 29 organisations.

• The facility is for temporary storage only – maximum 3 months – and not for long-term use.

• PUI provides casual labour for truck on/offloading and registers all incoming and outgoing goods.

• All services are provided on a no-cost-to-user basis.

• After an initial briefing on the Relief Item Tracking Application (RITA) in December 2016, additional briefing sessions were organised upon request.