Nigeria: Humanitarian Funding Overview (As of 8 July 2021)

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Since the launch of the 2021 Nigeria Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), the total funding requirement needed to support the humanitarian response in the north-east is over $US1billion. To date, a total of $US224.8M has been received (22% of the total HRP requirement). Overall humanitarian funding received is $US428.4 million, which reflects HRP and non-HRP funding of which $US203.6 million were funds put towards priorities not highlighted in the HRP. The Food Security Sector (FSS) received the most funding so far at $US68.1 million, followed by the Nutrition Sector at $USD7.8 million and the Health Sector at $US 8.5 million. Top HRP funding recipients are as follows: WFP, NHF, UNICEF, WHO and NRC. The top 5 donors in 2021, in order of contributions are: the USA, ECHACD, Germany, the UK and Canada. We are already in the third quarter of 2021 but funding is expected to increase as more contributions continue to come in. As Nigeria enters its lean season, immediate funding priorities are focused on preventing catastrophic food insecurity, and an operational plan involving health, nutrition, protection and WASH sectors.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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