Nigeria Humanitarian Fund 2019 Annual Report Success Story - Providing a New Chance at Life to Crisis-Affected Women in North-East Nigeria

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Hyelsinta Ahmadu, a GBV Nurse at a Women and Girl’s Friendly Space in north-east Nigeria, run by Jireh Doo Foundation and established with funding from the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund.

Hyelsinta’s intervention last year saved the life of Zarah, a young woman in the community, who was on the brink of life and death due to complications giving birth. Their story is one of hope, transformation and change.

She remembered how just three years earlier she had been married off at too-young of an age to a middle-aged man. When she became pregnant, she thought the joy of a child would help ease the pain of being forced into early marriage but her situation took a turn for the worse when she went into labor prematurely. Upon the news, her husband abandoned her, leaving her to bring the baby into the world on her own. She had no choice but to give birth in the house of her father with the support of no one other than an inexperienced midwife without access to healthcare.

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