Nigeria Food Security Outlook Update September 2011

Situation Report
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Good production prospects for the 2011 growing season as rainfall intensifies across the country.

  • Overall, the 2011 growing season is progressing favorably as cereals and tubers are at advanced stages of maturity, consistent with earlier forecasts for a favorable harvest.
    Seasonal prospects are uncertain in some localized areas of Kano, Katsina, Taraba, Sokoto and Adamawa States in the north, as well as in Lagos, Oyo and Ogun in the south where households were displaced and farms and infrastructure were damaged by flooding.

  • Cereal, tuber, and gari prices have declined slightly as the early green harvest peaks in the north and the south, increasing food access to the poor households in mid‐September.

  • Civil insecurity in parts of the north and inter‐communal conflicts in Jos‐Plateau State have escalated, as confirmed by the recent attack on the UN‐House which resulted in fatalities, and in Jos‐Plateau State reprisal attacks. The upsurge in violence in mid‐September has hampered food resupply, and transmission of lower food prices to deficit areas.