Nigeria: Floods - Emergency Plan of Action Operational Update, DREF n° MDRNG030, 11 February 2021

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This DREF operation update seeks a one month no-cost timeframe extension (new end date: 31 March 2021) to ensure effective completion of the operation which has been delayed by below reasons:

  • Delay in funds transfer to the FSP (UBA) from IFRC due to reconciliation issues of the just concluded Covid-19 CVA pandemic response (some states had not submitted to NRCS their coupons to enable reconciliation finalization).

  • NRCS and IFRC offices were closed in the month of December and January due to COVID-19 which slowed down the process to finalize FSP reconciliation amongst other activities.

  • Continuous NS human resource restructuring process during which there has been a high turnover of employees.

To date, the activities that have been implemented are:

  • Branch planning meeting and security risk assessment

  • Livelihoods: Volunteer CVA training, beneficiary identification and registration

  • WASH: Volunteers training, distribution of aqua tabs to households, training, and sensitization on water storage as well as hygiene promotion.

The remaining activities that need to be concluded are:

  • The CVA distribution (tentatively scheduled for end of February 2021)

  • Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) and the Lessons Learnt Workshop which will take place in March 2021.