Nigeria Floods 2018: Work Report 1

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Situation Update

Continuous heavy rainfall since July reached its peak in late September, causing severe and extensive flooding in 34 out of 36 states in Nigeria. Two major rivers, the Niger River and Benue River overflowed into the surrounding communities resulting in widespread destruction. The Nigerian government has declared a state of emergencies in nine states. The floods have affected 1.9 million people, destroyed 82,000 houses, displaced 210,000 people and devastated crops and livestock. Though flood water has receded in some communities, many people still do not have homes, businesses and farms to return to. They continue to seek refuge in schools and other public buildings where conditions are extremely poor. Fear of health outbreaks including malaria, cholera and typhoid remain high, as sanitary conditions have deteriorated especially in the temporary shelters.

Red Cross Actions

The International Red Cross has mobilized HKD 2 million from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to support the Nigerian Red Cross Society’s immediate relief activities. An emergency appeal was launched on 21 September 2018 seeking HKD 43.7 million globally targeting to assist 300,000 people for nine months in 10 states.

Since the onset of the floods the Nigerian Red Cross Society has mobilized over 2,000 volunteers and supported affected communities with evacuations, search and rescue, distribution of food and essential household items, provided first aid, psychosocial support and sensitized communities on good hygiene practices.

Hong Kong Red Cross Actions

Hong Kong Red Cross has mobilized HK$200,000 to support the relief efforts in Nigeria via the International Red Cross, and will continue to monitor the humanitarian situation to define further support.