Nigeria: Flash Report | Windstorm and Rainfall Damages to IDP Sites (22 June 2020)

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With the onset of the rainy season in Nigeria’s conict-affected northeastern State of Borno, varying degrees of damages are expected to infrastructures (self-made and constructed) in camps and camp-like settings. This is so because the rains are more often than not accompanied by very high winds and have been known P to cause serious damage to properties.

On 22 June 2020, IOM’s DTM program carried out an assessment to ascertain the level of damage sustained in the camp due to heavy windstorm and rainfall on the 21st of June 2020. The rainfall in Teacher’s village of Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, left 198 emergency shelters damaged, 2 damaged toilets and an estimated 1,084 individuals without shelter. The affected population without shelter include 474 men, 610 women and 638 children.

There is a major need of shelter, shelter repair kits, construction and sanitation materials as a preparedness measure in all camps, provision of basic NFI as well as reconstruction of damaged toilets and shower areas. No casualty was reported.

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