Nigeria COVID-19 Situation Report No. 10 (Reporting Period: May 23 - 30 2020)

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Situation Overview and Humanitarian Needs

As of 30 May, over 58,726 people have been tested, out which 9,302 tested positive with 35 states and the Federal capital Territory (FCT) having reported at least one confirmed case. Kogi State became the last but one state to record infections. The NCDC reported two cases during this reporting period leaving Cross River State as the only remaining state without a reported case.

Within the reporting week, states that reported the highest number of cases were Lagos, Kano,
Federal Capital Territory, Katsina , Borno and Jigawa. Of the total admitted, 2,697 cases have been discharged and there have been 261 deaths recorded.

The Federal Government and the Ministry of Education informed that schools will not be reopened until the health and safety of children can be guaranteed. They are developing plans to rollout guidelines for the reopening of schools across the country, while considering morning and afternoon classes to ensure physical distancing. This is in addition, to developing sector specific advisories for the reopening of various sectors of the economy .The Federal Ministry of Health confirmed that Nigeria along with number of African countries including South Africa has agreed to partake in the UN’s solidarity trials which is seeking a vaccine for the virus.

At the moment, the Government recommended lockdown measures are still partially lifted with guidelines on general prevention measures. However, the measures are not fully observed or enforced across the states which could lead to spikes in infections.