Nigeria: Borno State - Weekly Situation Report No. 10 (As of 20 August 2021)



• With funding requirements still unmet, responders to the escalating food security crisis have been forced to prioritize response efforts, which will result in target numbers not being met.

• Food Security Sector (FSS) delivers vital food supplies to 22,000 people in Rann town, an area at risk of being cut off by flooding.

• Humanitarians and the Borno State Government mark the 2021 World Humanitarian Day (WHD) with large-scale tree planting activities as part of action to minimize the impacts of climate change.


Delivery of vital food supplies to over 22,000 people in Rann border town

Food Security Sector (FSS) partners completed distribution of vital food supplies reaching some 22,650 people in Rann town, near the border with Cameroon. The delivery is critical considering that the entire area is at risk of being cut-off from road access for several weeks as the rainy season enters its peak. The nutrition response has included blanket supplementary feeding programmes (BSFP) for children and pregnant and lactating women (PLW) in the area. In May the FSS prepositioned some 950 tons of food to support populations during the onset of the rainy season. Populations in the town had in recent weeks raised concerns over the large-scale destruction of cultivated farmlands by herds of elephants migrating across the paths, increasing the risks of food shortages. Rann is one of the most challenging operational contexts in Borno State due to multiple attacks/clashes and annual flooding that destroys hectares of cultivated fields and hinders road access for several weeks.

Humanitarians and Government take action against climate change to mark the 2021 World Humanitarian Day (WHD)

As part of activities marking the 2021 WHD, the humanitarian community supported the Borno State Government in planting trees across communities to minimize the impacts of climate change, supporting this year’s WHD theme “The Human Race” against the climate emergency. Other activities, including a radio talk programme on PEACE FM, were also organized to raise awareness about the impact of climate change in the north-east, especially on communities that are already highly vulnerable due to the ongoing conflict and food security crisis.


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