Nigeria: Borno and Yobe States Market Monitoring Report, November 2017 - Issue 10



  • Overall, food security conditions in Borno and Yobe states have been boosted by the widespread decrease in the prices of key staple food commodities across all markets and improved household stocks from the recent harvest which have strengthened food access for agricultural households.
  • The arrival of the main seasonal harvest and improved market supply of rice have triggered a decrease in the price of the commodity in most markets, enabling households to substitute it for imported rice and contributing to a corresponding decreased in the price of imported rice.
  • The decreasing trend in the price of maize flour during the past three months resulting from increased market supply of newly harvested grains is contributing to increased access to the staple and is likely to ease pressure on the purchasing power of market-dependent households.
  • The retail price of palm oil has decreased by a range of 5 to 43 percent in all monitored markets in Borno and Yobe State as compared the past three months except for Custom market where the prices have remained stable. The decrease in price is due to the increased availability of groundnut oil as a substitute at lower price.
  • The price of onion has exhibited an unprecedented increase of over 100 percent in some markets in Borno state, while in Yobe price decrease has been observed in most markets with the exception of Damaturu and Yunusari markets.