NCDC Weekly Epidemiological Report: Issue: Volume 11 No. 44: 26th October– 1st November 2020

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COVID-19: NCDC Conducts Risk Assessment to Mitigate Transmission in Hotspots LGA

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has continued to lead the national public health response to the disease as well as provide evidence-based guidelines and protocols in line with global best practices. The response has also been guided by continuous surveillance activities to better understand the epidemiological parameters and transmission dynamics of the disease in the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Through this and other efforts, vital drivers of community transmission are being identified with public health measures promptly instituted for control.

In Nigeria, current data show that 20 of the 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) account for over 65% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country. Given this, there is an urgent need to intensify risk assessment efforts in these locations as this will foster a better understanding of the drivers of transmission and help to develop effective mitigation strategies for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In line with the above, the NCDC has deployed technical teams from the National Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to work with State Ministry of Health officials in the identified 20 high burden LGAs for a period of 10 days. The objectives of this deployment include;

  1. To ascertain persons at risk in the LGAs

  2. To ascertain the likelihood of exposure in the community

  3. To control or limit the spread of the disease

  4. To ascertain risk perception

  5. To support and monitor the implementation of surveillance activities in the LGAs

We urge states to continue to work closely with their respective LGAs particularly in the areas of active case finding, contact tracing and testing. This will improve the collective fight against the disease. The NCDC remains committed to supporting states to enhance their response to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Summary of Incidents

  1. Information for this disease was retrieved from the Technical Working Group and Situation Reports

  2. Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for this disease is reported for confirmed cases only

  3. Information for this disease was retrieved from IDSR 002 data

  4. CFR for this disease is reported for total cases i.e. suspected + confirmed

  5. Information for sentinel influenza was retrieved from the laboratory