National Emergency Management Agency 2018 Floods – Situation Report No 1 (21 September 2018)



12 states affected

4 states are declared under National Disaster

8 states are under red alert

50 LGAs affected

327,052 people affected


12 States and 50 LGAs have been earmarked as frontline States to be affected by the flooding in Nigeria. On 17 September 2018, a National Disaster was declared in the worst four affected States: Anambra, Delta, Kogi and Niger. As of reporting period, there are 327,052 people affected in the flooded States. National and Territorial Emergency Operating Centers (EOCs) are activated to facilitate the response in the States and collect information on critical gaps and needs. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is leading the overall national response.

Requests for food, medicines, NFI kits, mosquito nets and shelters are received from across the affected states. 70 casualties have been reported so far and as the information is received the numbers are expected to increase. Damaged shelters are yet to be ascertained in some areas as the flooding has not yet subsided. There are reports of malaria and possibility of water borne diseases. The displaced population are currently being hosted in emergency shelters such as LGA offices, schools, stadiums, churches and an IDP hostel built by Presidential Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation.

Families who have relatives have opted to stay in host communities. The floods have damaged agricultural lands and as of reporting period, 60,208 hectares have already been affected. The extent of the damage is expected to increase once floods have receded. Power and telecommunications are reported to be down in some locations. The EOCs are providing daily reports daily on the situation in the different states. NEMA will continue to update this report as the situation evolves and assessments continue in the field.