Joint Rapid Protection Assessment Muna-Elbadawee Camp-Jere LGA, Borno State, September 2020

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On 24 August 2020, suspected members of the NSAGs attacked Musari Informal IDP camp and Host community under Dusuman Ward in Jere LGA causing significant displacement of population including 18HH/181 Individuals currently displaced at the Muna El-Badawee Camp in Jere LGA close to Maiduguri municipal of Borno State.

In response, on 2 nd September 2020 SEMA and UNHCR in coordination with other protection actors including GISCOR, IOM- CCCM, UNFPA, DRC, and ROHI, conducted a joint rapid protection assessment at Muna El-Badawee Camp with the objective to:

  1. Understand the profile of the group (areas of origin, displacement dynamics, reasons for displacement

  2. Identify the vulnerabilities and protection concerns faced during displacement and risks exposed to at place of displacement.

  3. Durable solution prospects (especially return).The methodology used during the exercise includes 18 KII and 4 sessions of FGDs with group of women, group of men, of girls and two persons with disabilities.

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