Israel sends emergency aid to Nigeria

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent emergency medical supplies to help Nigeria cope with an outbreak of bird flu
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs this week sent eight tons of emergency medical supplies to Nigeria, to help it cope with an outbreak of bird flu. The supplies, which include protective equipment against infection, reached the capital of Abuja yesterday (Tuesday, 7 March 2006) and will be distributed to medical aid centers throughout the country.

Following the recent outbreak of bird flu in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, and out of concern that the epidemic might spread to its neighbors, the government of Nigeria appealed to the international community for help.

Noam Katz, Israel's ambassador to Nigeria, responded to a personal appeal from senior Nigerian officials who sought Israel's expertise in relief efforts. Nigeria's ministers of foreign affairs and information, as well as the country's ambassador in Israel, expressed heartfelt thanks to Israel for its willingness to stand by Nigeria in its hour of need.