IOM Nigeria Flash Report: Population Displacement - Flood Incident: North-East Nigeria, Bama LGA - Borno State (29 July 2022)



With the onset of the rainy season in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, varying degrees of damages have been reported in multiple locations in the region. Heavy rainfalls, accompanied by strong winds have caused serious damages to shelters and infrastructures.
On 27 July 2022, the combination of heavy rainfalls with the opening of a dam gate in Cameroon has led to the ooding of the Wajare community and a large segment of Banki camp in Buduwa/Bula Chirabe ward of Bama LGA in Borno State. IOM’s DTM programme carried out an assessment to ascertain the level of damage sustained in the affected camp. Over 7,389 individuals from 2,332 households were displaced from the camp to a less affected part of the host communities in Banki.
In total, 348 shelters were either damaged or ooded by water. These included 130 block shelters, 180 mud shelters and 38 e-shelters, leaving a total of 2,332 households in immediate need of shelter. The team reported 48 injuries as a result of the ood.