IOM DTM Rapid Assessment: Flash Report | Flooding in Geidam - Geidam LGA (Local Government Area) Yobe State (19 August 2019)

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2,802 Individuals affected

318 Damaged shelters

Incessant rains have led to the displacement of some residents of Asheikri, Kawuri, Hausari, Ma’anna/Dagambi, Balle/Gallaba/Melari and Gumsa wards in the Geidam Local Government Area (LGA) of the northeastern State of Yobe. An estimated 318 houses have been damaged, affecting 2,802 individuals (431 households). Asheikri, Kawuri and Hausari were the most affected wards, hosting a combined 1,716 individuals (61%) of the displaced individuals.

Most of the affected are women (549 or 20%), and children (1,693 or 60%). Six per cent (168 individuals) are elderly, with men accounting for the rest (392 or 14%).

Over 87 per cent of the displaced population have taken refuge with community leaders, religious leaders, families and friends. But 13 per cent of the displaced population are currently living in open spaces without shelter. The displaced persons are in dire need of shelter, food items and Non-Food Items (NFI).