Gender based violence sub sector Addressing Critical Needs of Dignity and Menstrual Hygiene: Through the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (HNF) - June 2019

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  • 3M People in Need of GBV Prevention and Response

  • 1.3M Targeted Population

  • 325,000 Women and Girls in Urgent Need of Dignity Kits

  • Financial Requirement: 10.5M

  • Unmet Need: 9.5M


Women and children constitute 87% of the new displacements experienced by the communities affected by conflict in north east Nigeria.

Critical needs for dignity, including in menstrual hygiene remain largely unmet for women and girls of reproductive age. In addition to living in crowded areas, without privacy, the needs reproductive health needs of women and girls continue throughout the disaster. Yet, in displacement settings, many women and girls cannot afford sanitary/dignity materials and other basic needs.
Without access to culturally appropriate clothing, sanitary and hygiene items, the mobility of women and girls is restricted. Their health and safety can also be compromised. As a result, they might be unable to seek basic services including humanitarian aid.

The provision of dignity and menstrual hygiene kits and services is very significant and will help in addressing several other protection concerns. Including the ability to promote mobility, self-esteem and safety of women and girls and right to dignity, privacy and other sexual and reproductive health rights.

Like the emergency assistance packages, the dignity kit should be predictable, to enable a displaced woman continue her daily routine, with dignity and respect in spite of displacement.
We know by now, protection from violence, access to reproductive health and basic dignity services, saves lives in emergencies. They are as essential as food and shelter.