Food Security Working Group - Northeast Region of Nigeria (December 2015 – January 2016)

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- Situation of IDP Camps in the Maiduguri area

Reports of food shortages have been emerged in IDP camps in Borno state. The most afflicted camps are Dalori 1 & 2 accommodating over 13,000 IDPs, and Madinatu with over 1,600. Although the Government of Borno, together with some Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), is providing some food to the camps there are still a large number of households who have not been reached.

- Food Security and Livelihoods

The number of people projected to be in Cadre Harmonisé Phase 3 and above for the period January – May 2016 is 3,966,810. Given the prevailing context (CH Phase 2 likely to deteriorate), the figure will be reviewed during the next CH exercise, likely in March 2016; and will be the working figure for the second half of 2016. The Nigerian HRP for 2016 targets 1,500,000 persons for assistance in the food and livelihoods sector. In January 2016, the sector reached 15,538 Households made up of 153,538 persons, 71.72% (10,958) of the HHs reached received food distributions while 28.29% (4,332) received unconditional cash grants.

- Control of Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza has now spread to 24 states in the country including the FCT.
Farms and poultry establishments in 102 LGAS across the country are affected. The total number of culled birds is 2,599,876, while compensation has only been paid for 1,050,904 culls, and 382,931 destroyed eggs. The total number of birds culled and awaiting compensation payment is 1,662,425 (323 farmers/farms)