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Food security and humanitarian implications in West Africa and the Sahel, N°77 - September 2016

Situation Report
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Key Points

  • Normal to above normal harvest and pasture production expected for the 2016/2017 cropping season.
  • Spread of the Rift Valley fever in the region of Tahoua in Niger.
  • The food security situation is overall satisfactory except in conflict zones such as in the Lake Chad Basin and the northern Mali.

Seasonal cumulative rainfalls have been normal to above normal everywhere except in places along the coastline in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Togo where light deficits were observed.
The expectations of agro-pastoral production in the region are overall satisfactory. However, the floods and the high levels of water could threaten these projections of good harvest.
In West Africa, prices should not observe high increases, given the good expectations of production.
The food security situation in the region is overall satisfactory and was strengthened by early harvests which started in August in coastal countries and in September in the Sahel. However, conflicts in the Lake Chad Basin and northern Mali will represent the main threat to the food security in the region.