Fact Sheet: Stadium Camp, in Maiduguri Metropolitan City (MMC) Borno State, North-east Nigeria (Updated January 2020)

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• Between November 2018 and January 2019 over 25,000 people sought safety in Maiduguri following an upsurge in violence mainly affecting Kukawa and Baga LGAs. This significantly stressed the response capacity.

• Mohammed Goni International Stadium Camp in Maiduguri was established by 27 February 2019 to decongest Teachers Village IDP Camp in Maiduguri, which received an influx of 22,500 newly arrived IDPs.

• Humanitarians identified the land, planned the site, constructed shelters and established camp facilities in between 7 January and 27 February 2019 – in just six weeks’ time.

• In March 2019, humanitarians facilitated the relocation of 8,121 individuals from Teachers Village IDP Camp to Stadium and allocated a total of 2,210 newly constructed shelters. The camp is accommodating 2,428 households consisting of 13,286 people (54% female). Two thirds of the people (67%) are infants, children and the elderly.

• The camp is one of the well planned and most organized consisting of all basic services but faced with a challenge of space for future expansion. The camp covers and area of 539,572 square meters (133 acres).

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