EU EOM on the elections of 26 and 28 April


ABUJA, 29 April - "The European Union Election Observation Mission notes that for the Governors and State Houses of Assembly elections, INEC provided in general an adequate technical process that allowed the electorate smooth accreditation and voting”, said Chief Observer, Alojz Peterle on Friday. “Our observers reported that the atmosphere in the majority of states was calm and orderly. We appreciate the commitment of voters to cast their ballot despite the violence in some northern states in the last week”, added Peterle.

However, based on the findings of the observers of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), who were present in most relevant states, the Chief Observer said that the elections did not resemble the quality of the process and environment of the elections for President and National Assembly held earlier this April.

Peterle noted that not all the challenges observed in the previous elections were met. The EU EOM has identified as key findings still inconsistent implementation of procedures, numerous instances of underage voting and increased attempts to influence voters. The mission is also aware of reports from candidates, political parties and other stakeholders alleging irregularities in certain places. “We appreciate the commitment to democratic values shown by defeated candidates who openly accepted the choice of the electorate. They serve as an example also for those who showed insufficient political tolerance during the electoral process”, said the Chief Observer. “The European Union Election Observation Mission appeals to aggrieved politicians to employ only legal means to address grievances”, added Peterle.

The European Union Election Observation Mission will present all of its findings in a final report reflecting a comprehensive analysis and recommendations some months after the polls.