Emergency Telecommunications Sector North-East Nigeria, issue 5, December 2021



Humanitarians responding to a deteriorating security situation and escalating crisis in North-East Nigeria could not have envisaged the additional COVID - 19 crisis.
For the past 18 months, the response community in the North-East has grappled with challenging new working modalities. At the same time, the pandemic has catastrophically impacted on the lives and livelihoods of affected communities, increasing their need for assistance.
Faced with unprecedented challenges and increasing needs, the humanitarian community has stepped up to deliver life-saving assistance in North-East Nigeria.
Throughout this journey, the ETS has played a key role in supporting humanitarians to carry out their activities in the conflict-affected states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe. The ETS team has shown incredible commitment and proactivity in delivering communications services in line with the evolving needs on the ground.
The ETS - beyond being creative, effective, responsive and solution oriented - truly provides critical services. During the recent security incidents in Damasak and Dikwa, the availability of ETS services made it possible for humanitarians to share critical real-time information in a life-threatening situation.
In a highly volatile environment like the North-East, ETS Internet connectivity and security communications services are a lifeline for humanitarians who are risking their lives daily to help others in need of assistance - be it in the air, in the humanitarian hubs, or on the road.
I look forward to the upcoming expansion of ETS services through its services for communities' approach. This is a welcome initiative - there is a need for affected communities to access reliable means of communication and to be able to provide timely feedback to the humanitarian community.

Plugging into the sun in North East Nigeria

This year, the ETS completed a large-scale project to equip eight humanitarian hubs in North-East Nigeria with sustainable energy solutions to keep humanitarians connected.