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ECHO Factsheet – Nigeria – November 2015

Key messages

  • In six years of conflict with brutal attacks on the civilian population in north-eastern Nigeria, over 20 000 people have been killed and 2.1 million are displaced within the country.

  • Many internally displaced (IDPs) live in dire conditions in informal settlements. They need shelter, food, water and healthcare.
    Indiscriminate violence has forced over 190.000 people to flee to neighbouring Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

  • The European Commission is providing immediate assistance to cover the basic needs of the displaced and of refugees in neighbouring countries. However, more humanitarian support is needed.

  • In the far north of Nigeria, few international agencies and organisations are present due to the remoteness of the affected areas and the volatile security situation. The European Commission advocates for an increased presence of humanitarian organisations on the ground so that more people in need can be reached.

  • The conflict has had a negative impact on agriculture and trade, thus worsening the difficult food and nutrition situation in northern Nigeria. Many health facilities have shut down and thousands of malnourished children are not receiving the treatment they need to survive. In response to this emergency, the European Commission funds emergency food assistance and the community management of malnutrition

ECHO Factsheet – Nigeria – November 2015