Daily Situation Report of Cholera Outbreak in Borno State No. 4: 16 March 2018



  • 8 additional suspected cholera cases were reported.

  • No deaths reported.

  • No new alerts

Epidemiological summary

The total number of cases reported from Kukawa LGA since the 13th of February 2018 stands at 608, with 3 deaths (CFR = 0.5%). 323 cases have been reported in Doro ward, 229 cases in the Baga ward, and 56 cases in Kukawa ward. Out of the 77 samples tested using RDTs, 69 (89%) were positive while 23 (46%) of 50 samples were culture positive. Awaiting results from recent samples collected and processed.

The total number of suspected cholera cases reported in Kukawa LGA since the inception of the outbreak is 608. The number of cases reported in Kukawa LGA on 15 th March 2018 was 8, an increase by 1 case compared to the number of cases reported on the previous day (Fig 2a). Six (6) case were reported from Doro ward, about 30% increase in the number of cases reported compared to the previous day (Fig 2c) while 2 cases were reported from Baga ward (Fig 2b). No case was reported from Kukawa ward for the seventh day (Fig 2d).