Cholera - Nigeria - Geographical representation of Cholera cumulative cases - Week W1 to W53 (2015)



Nigeria recorded cholera cases throughout the year, with a decline of overall incidence in the last weeks of 2015. The most affected areas are similar to the ones from previous years: States in the surroundings of the Lake Chad and the ones in the South of the Guinean Gulf. Serious reporting discrepancies were observed between states and federal levels, suggesting underreporting in the federal cholera database. Therefore, the allegedly decline in cholera cases at the end of 2015 should be taken with cautious; additional efforts to reinforce surveillance system are mandatory in order to effectively inform strategies to tackle and prevent cholera outbreaks in country.

5 298 cases were reported in 2015 in 100 LGAs (Local Government Area). The States of Kano, Borno and Rivers recorded more than 1000 cases each.

186 deaths have been reported for 2015

3,5% annual average case fatality rate