Cash Suitability Assessment for Food Assistance in Konduga - Vendor: Borno State, Nigeria, December 2017

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This factsheet presents findings from an assessment aimed at identifying the most appropriate food assistance modality in the town of Konduga in Borno State in northeastern Nigeria. The assessment was conducted by REACH in coordination with the Food Security Sector. Between 22-23 November 2017,
REACH conducted 49 interviews with food vendors in Mandarari and Tashan Kifi markets in Konduga Town.

The assessment aimed to interview all vendors in the town selling rice, maize, beans, vegetable oil, and onions, and only 5 vendors declined to be interviewed.

The interviews captured information on the current supply of key food items, challenges to conducting business, and the ability of vendors to scale up supply in response to an increase in demand.

The results of a household survey on food modality preferences, conducted as part of this assessment, are presented in a separate factsheet. More in-depth analysis of both household and vendor data, as well as recommendations regarding the overall assessment objective, can be found in the full assessment report.