Case study: Documentation of experiences using CVA for nutrition outcomes in Nigeria

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Prepared by Andre Duerr

1. Introduction


The Global Nutrition Cluster is in the process of developing an evidence and guidance note on the use of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) for nutrition outcomes. As part of this guidance note, the operational experience and learning of humanitarian actors on this topic should be reflected and included. For this reason, the GNC plans to conduct up to three case studies. The findings of the case studies will be directly integrated into the guidance note on the use of CVA for nutrition outcomes.

The Nutrition Cluster Coordination Team and partners in Nigeria has expressed interest to accommodate one of the case studies on the use of CVA for nutrition outcomes. The nutrition situation in Nigeria, particularly in the North-East of the country, remains extremely worrying . The main objectives of the nutrition sector in 2020 are to strengthen the quality and scale of preventative and curative nutrition services for most vulnerable groups through systematic identification, referral, and treatment of acutely malnourished, supplementary feeding, promotion of appropriate infant and young child feeding practices, micronutrient supplementation and optimal maternal nutrition. There is a strong interest to better explore the potential of CVA modalities in preventative and curative strategies in the context of Nigeria.

The objectives of the case study include the following:

  • Review existing and planned nutrition interventions which have a CVA component, including response analysis / decision-making, objectives, design, risk management, MEAL, etc.
  • Review tools used as part of these interventions
  • Review the nutrition-sensitivity of the minimum expenditure basket (MEB) and existing multi-purpose cash interventions
  • To the extent possible, review whether a CVA approach could be used for the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM)
  • Document how CVA is being integrated into nutrition responses and results
  • Document and review the role of the Nutrition Cluster Coordination team in CVA
  • If possible, identify opportunities to improve and/or expand the use of CVA for nutrition outcomes
  • Facilitate exchange of experiences between partners
  • Generate lessons learned and best practice