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Cameroon Situation Supplementary Appeal - January - December 2019 (March 2019)

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Over the past 13 months, violent clashes in Cameroon between the military and armed separatists have driven thousands of Cameroonians into internal displacement and over the border into Nigeria. The displaced, most of whom are women and children, face a grave humanitarian situation in both countries. Having fled with very little, their presence in impoverished host communities is straining food resources and already limited health, education and WASH facilities in these areas.

As of October 2018, OCHA estimated there were 437,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in Cameroon, 246,000 of them in the Southwest Region, 105,000 in the Northwest Region, and 86,000 in the Littoral and West Regions. In addition to triggering internal displacement in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon, the ongoing conflict has also forced over 35,000 Cameroonians to seek asylum in Nigeria. As the conflict persists in Cameroon, UNHCR anticipates that the influx into Southeast Nigeria will continue, with 20,000 refugees projected to flee in the coming months. This would result in an increase in the overall number of Cameroonian refugees to more than 50,000 by the end of 2019.

This Supplementary Appeal contains UNHCR's financial requirements for its response to the Cameroon situation, as well as an overview of related activities for advocacy and resource mobilization. In 2019, the UNHCR emergency refugee response for Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria and the IDP protection and shelter/NFIs cluster response in Cameroon urgently requires $35.4 million in sustained funding to support the lives and protection of more than half-a-million Cameroonians.

Summary of financial requirements

UNHCR has established a supplementary budget to strengthen protection capacity and response to IDPs in Cameroon and refugees in Nigeria respectively. For the response inside Cameroon, the UNHCR financial requirements and activities are those that have already been presented in the Cameroon HRP, and are thus not duplicative. The requirements in Nigeria represent activities that have not previously been included in any appeal. The total financial requirements presented in this appeal amount to $183.4 million, including $35.4 million in urgent additional requirements from January to December 2019. UNHCR is taking this situational approach due to the complexity of population movements in the region as well as the common factors driving the refugee movement and internal displacement.