Brief report on eviction monitoring by the HLP sub-sector, December, 2021

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The North East Nigerian crisis is a complex and protracted humanitarian emergency, which has lasted more than 12 years and is continuing with conflict and internal displacement as one of its major consequence. Housing, Land and property (HLP) concerns have been a major challenge in Northeast Nigeria, with approximately 1.3 million people in need of HLP assistance across the BAY states with Borno Constituting 70% of those need being worst hit state by the conflict. Forced eviction and eviction been a major protection concern that has a reoccurring incidence within the BAYs with Borno recording the highest particularly in MMC, Jere and Konduga LGAs. The situation has seen IDPs, whom were earlier living in Government Schools, Hospitals and other Government structures being forcefully evicted without being provides with any form of alternative because the Government wants to use such structures for its intended purposes, there are also the situation were some IDPs whom came with little money were able to rent houses but due to the long duration of the emergency coupled with their loss/lack of means of livelihood to enable them continue paying rent by IDPs, they could no longer afford to pay these rent as a result of which some of these IDP have found themselves evicted while others living at the messy of their Landlords whom are fatigue with them thus continue to threaten these IDPs with eviction, another trend which is even the major, is eviction being faced by IDPs whom have settled on individuals ‘land either as squatters or with some form of short term agreement which are now most expired and are being threaten by Land owners with eviction. Also, before the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Borno State Government has started the closure of formal camps and forceful return/relocation of IDPs to some location. This eviction situation was further exacerbated by the spread of COVID-19, which led to many more IDPs including host community members losing (even temporarily) their income or livelihoods. Many IDPs, returnees and even host community now are unable to pay rent and are facing possible series of eviction threats. Host community members host IDPs whom were badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic have to in most cases send these IDPs packing.

The Housing, Land & Property Sub-Sector through the support of staff from the Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) Co-Competency of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Nigeria conducted an assessment in Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (MMC) , Jere and Konduga Local government Area of Borno State with the view to monitor the eviction situation.