Adamawa State Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) Nigeria Emergency Response WK 5 2018 (January 29 - February 4)

from World Health Organization, Government of Nigeria
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Performance indicators (Epi Week 05):

In Epidemiological Week 05 - 2018, a total of 21 out of 21 LGAs (including 06 IDP camps) submitted their weekly reports as timeliness and completeness of reporting were 100% and 100% respectively at LGA level (target 80%).

Measles: 02 cases of suspected measles reported with cumulative case count of 051 and 03 deaths

AFP: 08 cases of AFP reported with cumulative case count of 034.

YELLOW FEVER: No case of suspected YF reported and cumulative case count is 03 CSM: No case of suspected CSM reported and cumulative case count is 03 LASSA FEVER: 01 case of suspected

Lassa Fever reported and cumulative case count is 02 and 01 death

Activities Done

 Detection and surveillance on IDSR diseases in 21 LGAs of the State through DSNOs and network of surveillance focal sites.

  • One case of suspected Lassa Fever was investigated in Song LGA. Sample taken and sent to the laboratory.
    Awaiting Lab Result.

  • 273 PHC staff from 9 LGAs were sensitized/trained on CSM and VHF. The cadre of staff trained included CHEWs, JCHEWs, Laboratory technicians, DSNOs and Assistant DSNOs

  • WHO in-house meeting to review activities conducted in 2018 and share surveillance plans for Q1 2018.

Planned Activities

  • Continuous surveillance and case detection on IDSR diseases at LGA levels.

  • Sensitization of clinicians on Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM) and Viral Haemorrhagic Fever (VHF) – HFs level @ 2 per 226 Wards, from the pending LGAs.

  • Follow up with DSNOs to updated all disease surveillance line-list.

  • Follow up on Lab results for Measles and Yellow Fever suspected cases.


  • AWD and ARI only reported monthly from the IDSR003