Adamawa and Borno - COVID-19 Risk Related Indicators: Assessment of Hard-to-Reach Areas in Northeast Nigeria (January 2021)



The continuation of conflict in Northeast Nigeria has created a complex humanitarian crisis, rendering sections of Borno and Adamawa states as hard to reach (H2R) for humanitarian actors. Previous assessments illustrate how the conflict continues to have severe consequences for people in H2R areas. In addition, general insecurity, compounded by the lack of access to basic services and infrastructure, such as healthcare and information sources, leaves people living in H2R areas highly vulnerable to the spread and impact of COVID-19. The first confirmed cases in Borno and Adamawa states were announced on 20 April and 22 April 20202 , respectively. Due to the limited access to H2R areas, it is unlikely that there will be confirmation of an outbreak in these areas. It is therefore highly important to evaluate the situation of the population in H2R areas in order to monitor changes and inform humanitarian aid actors on immediate needs of the communities.