UNICEF Niger Situation Report, March 2014

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 26 Mar 2014


  • As of 9 March 2014 (week 10), 46,054 children under the age of five benefited from the integrated treatment for Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). 11.2% of these cases (5,194) were reported to have severe medical complications and these children were admitted into intensive care/inpatient facilities while 40,854 children were treated as outpatients.

  • Since 2012, the crisis in northern Mali has forced some 50,000 Malians to flee to Niger. Following the presidential elections in July-August 2013, a back-and-forth movement between Niger and the areas of origin in Mali has been observed. UNICEF, in collaboration with UNHCR and partners, continues to provide these refugees with humanitarian assistance.

  • Since January 2014, a total of 95 cholera cases have been registered including 2 deaths which represent a fatality rate of 2.11% in Tillabéry, Dosso, Maradi and Zinder regions. Given that the current Strategic Response Plan is not yet funded, the concerted WASH response for Cholera might be hampered.

  • Since January 2014, the UNICEF Emergency response remains underfunded.
    Therefore, UNICEF and its partners are unable to meet the needs of the expected 356,000 severely malnourished children and the 30,000 Malian refugee children in camps and hosting areas.