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UNICEF Niger Situation Report, July 2015

Situation Report
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  • Increasing insecurity along the border with Nigeria has caused new massive displacements (refugees, IDPs and returnees) from Nigeria and internally. On June 27th the village of Assaga Nigeria (15km from the border, along the Koumadougou river) was attacked, causing the displacement of 877 households (around 6,000 people) who fled in Assaga Niger. In Damassak Nigeria, after the departure of Niger army, people fled in fear of attacks. Official figures are not yet available, but humanitarian actors estimate that over 10,000 people fled into the border villages of Chetimari et Gagamari, which were already hosting several hundred displaced families

  • UNICEF continues to scale up its intervention in Diffa ensuring the access to medical care for 11,139 children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), for 10,989 children suffering from pneumonia, 16,230 suffering from diarrhea, and 45,540 suffering from malaria, UNICEF also ensures the access of 12,632 children to psychosocial support activities.

  • As of 30th of June 2015 (week 26), 144,943 severe acute malnourished children have been admitted in therapeutic feeding centres nationwide since the beginning of the year (out of a total of 368,114 cases expected during the year), including 16,110 children with medical complications and 128,833 children without medical complications.

  • UNICEF Humanitarian response remains underfunded. This may hamper UNICEF’s capacity to meet the needs of the expected 368,114 severely malnourished children, the 30,368 Malian refugee children in camps and hosting areas and the 105,583 children displaced in Diffa region (IDPs, returnees and refugees from Nigeria).