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UNICEF Niger response for displaced children and women from North-East Nigeria


UNICEF response to date

• On 10 December 2014, the Government called on national and international solidarity to respond to the humanitarian situation in Diffa.

• UNHCR is setting up two refugee camps and one transit site in Diffa region for a total of approximately 14,000 refugees. UNICEF is supporting the installation by providing squatting plates and water bladders to UNHCR to ensure access to water and sanitation. In parallel, UNICEF will continue to support displaced people and host communities outside the camps.

• UNICEF renewed an agreement with COOPI to expand psychosocial support activities in Diffa for 9,750 children including 5,143 girls through outreach and mobile strategies with a special geographic focus on the Lake Chad Islands. Thanks to this outreach strategy, COOPI is monitoring psychosocial trauma among newly displaced people particularly affected by the conflict in Northern Nigeria.

• IEDA Relief began its programme of cholera prevention. Purification tabs distribution and sensitization are organized in Chetimari and Diffa returnees/refugees sites where 120 new cases of cholera ( with 8 deaths) have been registered by local authorities since the 12th of December. UNICEF also supported the development of radio messages broadcasted on local radios in six languages ( also reaching the Islands on Lake Chad) and the dissemination of video spots through the Cinema Numérique Ambulant. UNICEF is requesting support by the CERF Secretariat.

• UNICEF trained 2 people from Diffa Heath District on nutritionalsurveillance to reinforce the regional early warning system.

• In order to ensure access to quality primary education for displaced communities, UNICEF in collaboration with COOPI identified 10 schools (part of the 13 mentioned in the table) that are integrating displaced children. UNICEF is strengthening their capacities by building additional classrooms, training teachers, and providing additional educational supplies for teachers and children. Identified schools are also benefitting from the support of a peacebuilding programme implemented by Search for Common Ground and a hygiene promotion programme implemented by IEDA Relief.