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UNICEF Niger Humanitarian Situation Report No. 9: 01 to 31 September 2020

Situation Report
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• As of September 21, 549,049 people (69,485 households) were affected and 69 people lost their lives due to the floods. The overall record of losses and damage spreads over the 08 regions with a total of 43,226 collapsed houses and other 1,569 damaged.

• On September 18, 01 soldier was killed when a vehicle of the Nigerien armed forces was hit by an improvised explosive device between Bosso and Baroua (Diffa region), and an ambulance was hijacked on 28th of September by unidentified armed men in Toumour (Diffa).

• The Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) recorded 01 alert on displacement of people following non-state armed groups attacks and conducted 05 rapid assessments (04 multi-sector assessments, 01 rapid protection assessments) in the Diffa and Maradi regions. RRM actors also provided NFI assistance to 456 displaced households for 4,289 beneficiaries.

• 3,417,370 children under 5 in 4 a new cVDPV2 outbreak regions are vaccinated against Polio.

• The lack of social workers at the Regional Directorate for Child Protection affected the case management of vulnerable children on a regular basis in Diffa. Human resources are urgently needed to sensitize the community on child protection and prevention actions, and to strengthen programs in order to accompany abducted children who have escaped or have been released by the non-state armed groups. Furthermore, access remains a challenge in some areas such as Bosso, Toumour and Gueskerou due to insecurity.