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UNICEF Niger Humanitarian Situation Report, February 2020

Situation Report
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• Non-state armed groups continued to undertake frequent asymmetric attacks against Nigerian security forces in Tillaberi region (7 attacks registered). Nonstate armed groups operating in Tillaberi and Diffa regions also carried out attacks targeting civilian populations.

• Attacks on education personnel and premises remained of great concern. Extremist militants continuously targeted teaching staff and in Tillaberi region, (e.g. two teachers injured from gunshots in Desa, on 7 February; schools burned down in Famale, Sakoira, Taroum between 10 and 13 February).

• In the region of Diffa, the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) was a cause of concern, as demonstrated by the explosion of an IED near the mayor's office in Gueskerou on 19 February, where 2 civilians were killed.

• Since the beginning of the year, there have been 870 cases of measles at national level and 3 deaths, and 7 districts are already in epidemic. UNICEF is providing support to the Ministry of Health with the purchase of vaccines and other material to ensure a contingency stock for vaccine response.

• As of 29th of February 2020, RRM conducted 19 rapid assessments (10 ERP, 6 MSA, and 3 Flash) in the regions of Diffa, Maradi, Tahoua and Tillaberi. In February, RRM partners provided NFI assistance to more than 6,200 affected persons (941 households).