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UNHCR Niger Factsheet - January 2016

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1,882 Households provided with land parcels to settle on under the Urbanization project in 2016

839 Malian refugees successfully relocated from Inates border area to Tabareybarey camp

1,458 Children vaccinated in Sayam Forage and Kabelawa camps in the Diffa region

20% Increase in the number of Malian refugees in Niger from Jan 2015 to Jan 2016



  • Mali situation: The number of Malian refugees in Niger continues to rise. From January 12th-21st, 839 Malian refugees were successfully relocated from the Border area of Inates to the Tabareybarey refugee camp in the Tillaberi region. From January 2015 to January 2016, the number of Malian refugees in Niger has risen by 20%.

  • Nigeria situation: The number of displaced persons in the Diffa region also continues to rise. In one month (December 2015), the population of Kabelawa IDP camp has more than doubled from 2,946 to 6,552, while the numbers in spontaneous sites along the Route National 1 also continues to increase.


  • Nigeria situation: Five public health centers in the Diffa region, located in Goudoumaria, Sayam Forage village, Sayam Forage camp, N’Galéwa and N’Guigmi have benefitted from the installation of solar panels to supply electricity. This will contribute to the effectiveness of the centres, extend opening hours, facilitate air conditioning for patients etc. These health centres benefit both the local populations and the displaced populations.

Durable solution

  • Nigeria situation: The Urbanization project which was carried out in the two communes of Chetimari and N’Guigmi, has been completed. Altogether, 1,882 land parcels have been provided, 927 in Chetimari and 945 in N’Guigmi. 60% of the parcels go to the community, 30% for the displaced and 10% for the vulnerable host population. The deeds for the land parcels were handed over to the beneficiaries in January.


  • Nigeria situation: A vaccination campaign for children was carried out in Sayam Forage and Kabelawa camps. A total of 1,458 children benefitted from life-saving vaccinations. These include vaccinations against Polio, Measles, Pneumonia and Diarrhea amongst others.